Stunning Chinese Koi Fish Tattoo Designs: More than just a piece of art but a Fortune

Published: 09th August 2010
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Koi fish tattoos are as popular these days as the animal they represent. Designs are with splashing water, cherry blossom and lotus flowers. The Koi or "dragon fish "signifies the king of all fish in China. Its imagery is shared to the Japanese. The Chinese koi is also associated with lifelong good fortune. No wonder why more and more people loved to have this printed on their body.
The Koi fish originated and bred in China but the Japanese made it a household name. In Japan the koi is a celebrated symbol which is associated with exceptional courage. It is said that this fish, if caught and placed on a cutting board, can lie still and wait for the knife to drop with not a shudder. It can remain stoic in the face of imminent death and is a worth likened to samurai warrior's persistent bravery to face the sword.
Koi tattoo art is believed to bring wealth and abundance since a koi can eat a hefty portion of their body weight every day, and they are also expensive to keep. The wealthier a person is the more koi he can afford to have.
Most koi tattoos are popular to be printed at the back and both shoulders. The backgrounds are often spectacular as the real koi itself, with splashing waters, sun, moon, and lotus petals floating along. Perhaps, the reason for having a koi fish tattoo is suppose to bring wealth and bounty for the years to come.
Legend says that the koi succeeds in climbing a fall called the dragon gate on the yellow river and transforms in a dragon. The koi became a worldly advancement and aspiration, which is associated with many positive and masculine qualities.
For the Chinese, the koi depicts fortune. There are many interpretations of Chinese Koi Fish tattoo designs. The struggle and hardship to be endured are depicted by a koi swimming downwards. If the fish is tattooed upwards the meaning can be interpreted as everything is alright and mastered.
For many, tattooing is a manner of proclaiming their thoughts. The Chinese designs differ in both look and specific meaning, in general a koi means having valor and boldness to face adversity and it is also a symbol of accomplishments and high aspirations
The amount of time you will need to complete a tattoo will vary on the design and skill of the artist. The cost may also vary depending on the artist and size of the design.
No matter how expensive it will be, more and more people take advantage of the fortune the tattoo signifies. The more expensive the design is, the more likely it will be chosen by most people.

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